More cheerleader action

November 10, 2011

What do I do with all these sketch cards? Here is another sketch on cheerleader zombie action!


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Zombie vs cheerleader sketch card

November 9, 2011

Here I found some sketch cards that I did for this “zombie vs cheerleader”. So as any horror movie setting, I put two girls together with zombies looking and waiting to eat them. Or should I say eat their brains.


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Wolverine sketch card

November 9, 2011

So I found some sketch cards I thought I would show off at cons. Then forgot I had them. Silly me!
S the Internet strikes again!


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November 8, 2011

Wanted to play with my markers as a warm up. So I thought of sketching Starfire as a quick test of my tones. And yes, watching more Star Trek. sigh…. I should sleep now.

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November 7, 2011

Tim Smith 3

Getting your portfolio together for an interview in graphic design.

Be it for print or digital, both still require that you have a strong knowledge of design, but even stronger knowledge on simply knowing the programs. And knowing the type of job you are working for.

These are just my thoughts on getting a position as a graphic designer. It’s not the rule to end all rules. But I feel it will not hurt to hear it from someone who hires talent.

I hire a lot of interns and graduates. And by “a lot” I mean I hire enough to have seen plenty of resumes and portfolios. And all are seeking one goal, a job! Well, more importantly a job in graphic design. And what I see in their resume always makes me laugh, they all say they KNOW all the adobe programs.

Well “laugh” is a bit too strong a word. I’ll admit, I do crack a smile, as it is such a bold statement. And deep down I know why they say it. They want work. They want to tell that they are the best. And that is the exact state of mind they should be thinking. But, and big but here, any manager will see right through that. At least I know I do.

So what I am getting at you ask? Well, I refuse to believe that any fresh from college student knows any adobe program 100% like they say they do. And I am saying that most employers know that also. So stop saying you know when we all know you don’t.

Soooo…., before I go more into it, a manager looks for different things in the position posted for the job. They maybe looking for someone strong in Photoshop one minute and another in Indsign. Personality comes into play also. But this I’ll save for my part 2. So if you have limited experience or a ton of it, you can still have your advantages over the other designer. Someone with no experience is eager, hungry and ready to put in some long term commitment in the job. Maybe. Where someone with a vast amount of years of experience may not be thinking long term, but they come ready to work right out the gate with less instructions on the programs.

“I have 4 years experience in all the adobe suite programs.”

That’s what they all say! Really! Can you believe that?
And that would be true. As it is easy to simply turn on the computer, and open any of the programs and play around with it. Be it for a class or for yourself, you are learning the minute you click the mouse.

The proof of what happens from class to portfolio is the real test. The meat and potatoes! The big enchilada! Sorry, looking at too much food network. But yes, it’s what I see you have done and done well. If you have any of these things listed below, it can make or break you in getting a job. I mean really, everyone wants a job. Some have tons of experience, some little. But that’s not the deciding vote. Not for me anyway.

Need-More than 10 graphic design piece helps.

So…weeelll…..yeah, just what it says! I have actually seen portfolios with just a few pieces of art. And although they have some type of design going on, they look like something that was done in the last hour.

Need- at least one step by step process on one of your design pieces.

It can be a card or letter head anything really. Something that shows you know what you are doing with creating the piece. Using all the suite if you have too. Even putting in the sketch if you have it. I love looking at that stuff. And seeing all the elements come together is a good way to show control, confidence and skill.

Not- do your best not to put in college assignments.

I know that can be hard. So if you are in college and all you have is college assignments because you’re in your last year, than that’s fine. But if you can, and only if you can and you think it’s really an outstanding piece, try to add other projects in. Most of the time I can tell if it’s a lesson or if it’s something for a job. Not that it really matters. Good work is good work. But what you are aiming for is a professional level portfolio. Close to one as possible.

Do- try and have a theme if possible.

I know that sounds weird, but hear me out! By theme I mean have pieces that in some way relate to each other. Not some random fire portfolio. What I see in portfolios today from college grads is a ” I can do it all” portfolio. And as much as that can be impressive to see. What it shows is that you did this one piece well, and any other piece you may do that relates to the one in your portfolio my not be so good. Or, you did that piece really poorly, and anything you do that would involve any techniques similar would only look as good, or bad, as what you just showed.

A “THEME” will give the person looking at your portfolio a very good since that you know what you are doing. And show confidence in you ability to create solid work time and time again.

Need- if possible, and only if you are able and or willing, have a real copy of a book, brochure, or printed copy of something you did.

This is not a must. But, when I do see someone come and show off a printed copy, be it real or something they just took the time to make on their own in a copy shop, it really makes a difference in looking at other portfolios that do not have it. It is a gamble, as the copy has to be good! Well made! Sale me on the fact you are the real deal.

If you have any thoughts on this please let me know!

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Another sketch I found in the vault

October 29, 2011

Here is a sketch I found of something I’ll come back to drawing in the future. I love working in red pencil. The color pops for me. I even do my con sketches in red! I used to use blue (none photo blue) pencil. But the red just seems to work more for me. I am asked all The time about this. Lol


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Sonic x pages!

October 28, 2011

Found these old sonic x pages I did ages ago. Brings back good memories….


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October 21, 2011

Found this old sketch of a project that never left the ground. Yeah!
Sometimes that happens.

I should write more on stuff like that.


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Inked Baroness piece

October 19, 2011

Inked art

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And the red hulk too

October 19, 2011

Yes that the red hulk sketch!


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