April 6, 2014

So it came to me in a dream… well, not a dream. More like from talking to good folks at comic conventions and emails, that when asked if I post my work online, or if I have a
DeviantArt account or any site that would showcase art, I say, “Sure! Go to my web site and click the link!” But after now looking at my site,.. I don’t have a link to any of them. So sad.

Well, thats about to change right now!


Click here to go to my DeviantArt page.

Click here to go to my Tumblr.

Click here to go to my Web Page. DUH… you’re already here!

Click here to go to my Facebook.

Click here My web comic on INKBLAZERS.

Click here Same webcomic, different site. TAPASTIC.

Click here to see me on a Youtube special with the amazing talent Twin Shadow.

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